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John Howe Free Range Turkeys – Traditionally produced for a superior flavour. 

John Howe Free Range Turkeys will be the showstopper at your Christmas table. A small family farm, we started producing turkeys in 1976 with just 25 birds.  Almost thirty years on and we continue to rear birds traditionally – offering our customers delicious free range Turkeys.

Our ethos is simple:  all of our birds, both white and bronze, are free range and roam the grassy paddocks and meadows of our farm from eight weeks of age. Birds that are happy and have access to covered yards, clean straw bedding, food and water means that ultimately their meat will be more tender and succulent.

Our birds are slow growing, old fashioned breeds; reared to full maturity and fed on a natural, cereal based diet, free from antibiotics and growth promoters.

Turkey is a healthy choice of meat and can be enjoyed at other times apart from Christmas. Naturally low in fat and perfectly lean. John Howe free range turkeys are available from Mid-November, just in time for American Thanksgiving and the British winter season.

To give you a few more ideas, visit our pages that are stuffed full of delicious free range turkey recipes, suitable for both white and bronze turkeys.

Free Range White Turkeys

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Classic and original, our white feathered free range Turkeys were first introduced to the farm by John Howe in 1976. They have been popular for Christmas ever since because of their succulent meat, a good balance of white and dark meat, and good size. The birds are selected from one of about six different breeds reared on the farm, which allows us to produce a variety of different weights, without having to compromise on the quality of our farming or the maturity of the bird.

Try Our Free Range Bronze Turkeys For A Gamier Taste

Closely related to the wild Turkey our free range Bronze turkeys are gamier in taste. We maintain variety by rearing several breeds on the farm. The popularity of the Bronze has risen considerably, people are looking for a richer and more fuller flavoured bird to serve at the Christmas table
Which turkey you choose is up to you – but with John Howe free range turkeys you can rest assured your Thanks Giving and Christmas dinners will be one to remember. Order yours today.

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